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What Do Single Moms Really Want? 13 Gift and Needs Guide

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I can attest that juggling parenting, work, and personal life can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. It’s no secret that single moms have their hands full, but what do we really want when it comes to gifts and support? This question is something I’ve given much thought to, and I’ve realized that the most meaningful gifts are those that address our unique needs and bring a touch of relief to our hectic lives.

I’ll be sharing a comprehensive guide to understanding what single moms truly desire, covering both material and emotional aspects. If you’re a single mom yourself, a family member, or a friend, this guide will help you gain insights into how to make a difference in the life of a strong, independent woman who’s doing her best to raise her children.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Single Mom

Navigating the world of gift-giving for single moms can be tricky, but with a little thoughtfulness, you can choose the perfect gift that shows your love and support.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Single Mom

Consider Her Interests and Hobbies

When buying a gift for a single mom, start by thinking about her interests and hobbies. Is she into fitness, cooking, or arts and crafts? A thoughtful gift related to her passions will show that you care about her as an individual, not just as a mom.

Focus on Practicality and Time-Saving

Single moms are often short on time and resources, so consider gifts that can make their daily life a bit easier. This might include kitchen gadgets, meal subscription services, or time-saving cleaning tools. These practical gifts demonstrate your understanding of her daily challenges.

Prioritize Self-Care and Relaxation

Single moms rarely have time for themselves, so a gift that encourages self-care can be a real treat. Consider items such as spa gift certificates, luxury skincare products, or a cozy blanket for those precious moments when she can unwind and relax.

Support Her Personal Growth

Just like anyone else, single moms have dreams and aspirations. Encourage her personal growth with gifts like books, workshops, or online courses in her field of interest. This shows your belief in her abilities and support for her future.

Keep Her Children in Mind

Lastly, don’t forget that her children are a significant part of her life. Gifts that help her bond with her kids or make parenting more manageable, such as board games, educational toys, or family memberships to local attractions, will be greatly appreciated.

The Ultimate List of Gifts and Needs for Single Moms

Choosing the right gift for a single mom might seem daunting, but with this ultimate list, you’ll be sure to find something that suits her needs and brings a smile to her face.

1. A Supportive Network

A Supportive Network

Single moms cherish a strong support system, whether it’s friends, family, or neighbors. Offer to babysit, help with errands, or simply be there to lend a listening ear. Your presence and assistance can be invaluable.

2. Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

A clean and organized home can work wonders for a single mom’s mental health. Gifting a home cleaning service or a membership to a cleaning app can provide her with some much-needed respite from her daily chores.

3. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

A customized piece of jewelry, such as a necklace with her children’s names or initials, can be a beautiful and sentimental gift. It’s a thoughtful way for her to carry her loved ones close to her heart.

4. Fitness Memberships or Equipment

Fitness Memberships card

Help her stay healthy and active with a gym membership, yoga classes, or even some home workout equipment. Staying fit can boost her energy levels and overall well-being, making it easier to balance her many responsibilities.

5. Meal Delivery Services

Meal Delivery Services

Cooking for her family can be time-consuming, so why not make it a little easier by gifting her a meal delivery service subscription? Nutritious, pre-prepared meals can save her time and ensure she and her children are eating well.

6. A Weekend Getaway

A Weekend Getaway

Every single mom deserves a break. Surprise her with a weekend getaway to a nearby destination, either alone or with her kids. This thoughtful gift will give her the chance to recharge and create lasting memories.

7. High-Quality Sleep Essentials

High-Quality Sleep Essentials

Good sleep is crucial for both mental and physical health. Consider gifting her luxurious sleep essentials like a high-quality pillow, a cozy weighted blanket, or a set of silky-smooth bed sheets.

8. A Personal Planner or Journal

A Personal Planner or Journal

Help her stay organized and focused with a personal planner or journal. This practical gift can assist her in managing her busy schedule, setting goals, and tracking her progress.

9. Financial Support

Financial Support

Financial stability is often a top concern for single moms. If you’re in a position to do so, consider offering financial support or a gift card to help with groceries, bills, or other expenses. This practical gesture can alleviate some stress and provide peace of mind.

10. Time

spend time helping single mom

One of the most valuable gifts you can give a single mom is your time. Offer to babysit, run errands, or tackle a project together. Your willingness to lend a hand will not only provide her with a break but also strengthen your bond.

11. Parenting Advice

Parenting Advice

As a single mom, she may appreciate guidance and advice from someone who’s been there. Share your own experiences, offer tips, or recommend helpful resources like books and blogs. Your insights can be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

12. Social Support

Social Support

Single moms can sometimes feel isolated, so invite her to join social groups, clubs, or support networks that cater to her interests. Introducing her to like-minded individuals can provide a sense of belonging and foster new friendships.

13. Gifts for Children

Gifts for Children

Helping her children feel special and loved is important to any mom. Thoughtful gifts for her kids, such as educational toys, books, or clothing, can bring joy to both the child and the mom. In addition, offering to take her children on outings or to participate in activities can create cherished memories.

Tips and Tricks on How to Find the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a single mom can be made easy with these handy tips and tricks to help you navigate the process confidently and thoughtfully.

Tips and Tricks on How to Find the Perfect Gift

Listen and Observe

Pay attention to her conversations and observe her daily life. Single moms often mention their needs, desires, or challenges, providing you with clues about what would make a meaningful and helpful gift.

Do Some Research

If you’re unsure of her interests or preferences, do a little research. Check out her social media profiles or ask her close friends and family for ideas. This will help you get a better understanding of her likes and dislikes.

Personalize the Gift

Adding a personal touch to your gift can make it even more special. Consider customizing the item with her name, initials, or a meaningful quote. This demonstrates your effort and thoughtfulness.

Make it an Experience

Gifts don’t have to be tangible items. Consider gifting an experience, like tickets to a concert or a fun class she’s always wanted to take. Experiences create memories that can last a lifetime.

Consult Online Gift Guides

If you’re still unsure, search for online gift guides catered to single moms. These guides can offer additional inspiration and help you narrow down your options.

Create a DIY Gift

Don’t underestimate the power of a handmade gift. Whether it’s a heartfelt letter, a scrapbook, or a knitted scarf, a DIY gift can showcase your love and appreciation in a unique and creative way.

Set a Budget

Determine your budget before shopping to ensure you stay within your means. Remember, the thought and care behind the gift are what truly counts, not the price tag.

When in Doubt, Ask

If you’re really struggling to find the perfect gift, don’t hesitate to ask her directly. It’s better to choose something she genuinely wants or needs than to guess and risk missing the mark.


FAQs on what single moms want

What are the most common needs and wants of single moms?

Some of single moms’ most common needs and wants include emotional support, financial stability, practical assistance, time for self-care, and opportunities for personal growth. They also appreciate help with childcare, assistance with household tasks, and a strong social network that offers both friendship and guidance.

What are the pros and cons of co-parenting


  • Children benefit from having both parents involved in their lives, providing emotional and financial support.
  • Co-parenting allows for a more balanced distribution of parenting responsibilities and decision-making.
  • It can foster better communication and cooperation between parents, even if their romantic relationship has ended.


  • Co-parenting can be challenging if parents have different parenting styles, values, or expectations.
  • It requires ongoing communication and compromise, which may be difficult if the relationship between parents is strained.
  • Scheduling conflicts and the logistics of coordinating shared custody can be complicated and require flexibility from both parents.

What are the best self-care activities for single moms?

Self-care activities for single moms may include regular exercise, meditation, reading, pursuing hobbies or interests, spending time with friends, getting regular sleep, and seeking therapy or counseling when needed.

How can single moms manage their guilt?

Single moms may experience guilt for various reasons, such as being unable to provide as much as they’d like for their children or feeling like they’re not spending enough time with them. To manage guilt, single moms can:

  • Acknowledge and accept their feelings without judgment.
  • Remind themselves that they’re doing their best under the circumstances.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of their parenting and the love they provide.
  • Seek support from friends, family, or support groups to gain perspective and validation.
  • Set realistic expectations and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout.

What types of gifts do single moms appreciate?

Single moms appreciate gifts that cater to their interests, make their lives easier, and help them feel cared for and supported. Some popular gift ideas include practical items like meal delivery services or home cleaning services, self-care items like spa gift certificates or sleep essentials, and gifts that foster personal growth, such as books or workshops in their field of interest. Gifts for their children or experiences they can share with their kids are also appreciated.

What are the best apps for single moms?

Cozi Family Organizer: A comprehensive family calendar and organization app that helps manage schedules, to-do lists, and meal planning.

Mint: A personal finance app that helps with budgeting, expense tracking, and financial goal-setting.

Peanut: A social app that connects moms with other like-minded moms in their area for support, friendship, and networking. A platform for finding and managing childcare, housekeeping, and other family care services.

Headspace: A meditation and mindfulness app that offers guided sessions to help reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

How can single moms find support and understanding?

  • Join local support groups or parenting networks where they can connect with other single moms or parents in similar situations.
  • Participate in online forums, social media groups, or blogs that cater to single moms to exchange advice, resources, and encouragement.
  • Reach out to friends, family, or co-workers who can offer a listening ear, practical assistance, or emotional support.
  • Consider seeking professional help, such as therapy or counseling, to address specific emotional or mental health concerns.

How can single moms manage the financial burden of parenthood?

  • Create a realistic budget that prioritizes essential expenses and helps identify areas for saving.
  • Seek financial assistance programs, such as government aid or local nonprofit organizations, which may offer help with childcare, housing, or other expenses.
  • Explore flexible work options or additional income streams, like freelance work or a part-time job, to increase financial stability.
  • Utilize cost-saving strategies, like using coupons, shopping sales, or buying in bulk to reduce everyday expenses.

What are the best ways to manage childcare for single moms?

  • Utilize childcare services such as daycare centers, in-home care providers, or afterschool programs that accommodate their schedules and needs.
  • Build a network of trusted family members, friends, or neighbors who can help with childcare when needed.
  • Consider forming a childcare co-op with other local parents to share the responsibility and cost of childcare.
  • Research and apply for government or community assistance programs that offer financial support for childcare expenses.

How can single moms find the time for self-care?

  • Prioritize self-care by scheduling regular “me-time” into their calendars, just as they would with other essential tasks.
  • Make the most of downtime, such as naptime or when the kids are at school, to engage in self-care activities.
  • Seek help from friends or family members to watch the kids, even if it’s just for a short period, to create time for self-care.
  • Incorporate self-care habits into daily routines, like practicing mindfulness during a morning walk or listening to an uplifting podcast during the commute to work.

Final Thought

Understanding and addressing the unique needs of single moms can make a world of difference in their lives. By offering thoughtful gifts, practical support, and emotional encouragement, you can help ease the challenges they face and contribute to their well-being.

If you’re a friend, family member, or a single mom yourself, taking the time to prioritize self-care, seek support, and share experiences will foster a sense of community and understanding. Remember, it’s the love, effort, and thoughtfulness behind the gestures that truly matter, and even small acts of kindness can have a lasting impact.

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